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Organic Lawn Care

An organic program is a process, where we build the biology of the soil, and produce turf that is strong and naturally resistant to most disease and pests. At Organic Lawn Solutions we recognized that people were looking for healthier, safer, and better alternatives to the usual chemical fertilizer for their yards, which is why ... More


Lawn aeration is one of the best thing you can do to your lawn annually. Most golf courses and sports fields aerate there lawn 5-6 times a year. Over time lawn become compacted and hard. The process of aeration is to relive compacted soil, reduce thatch naturally and allow air water and nutrients to get to the root zone. Did ... More

Tree & Shrub Care

At OLS we strive to offer the best solutions in organic tree and shrub care. Our deep knowledge in plants and trees helped us to develop a program that is safe, effective and promotes vigorous health. Your plants are a big asset to your home or commercial property. We are here to make sure it’s protected from pests and ... More

Lawn Repair & Renovation

Did you ever go to your local garden center and pick up a bag of seed and just throw it on the ground and after a week the bag promised you would have the greenest lawn on the block? We used to until we got proper education on growing grass. Growing quality grass takes much longer than a week and is a science that requires much ... More