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Michael Fabian Jr, Owner of Organic Lawn Solutions, grew up in Union NJ. Elementary school was Holy Spirit catholic and graduated Union High School in 2007. Upon graduation Michael did not waste any time getting a job. He was employed at a car dealership working 50 hours a week and worked with a neighbor part time cutting grass. While selling cars Michael developed great product knowledge and customer services skills, one of his best assets now. Michael has been around landscaping and cutting grass since the age of 18. With his hard work and dedication to providing excellent and professional service he decided it was time to open up his own business. At the age of 24 Michael set fourth his goal and established United One Landscaping & Design. LLC. Today he services many residential and commercial customers in multiple counties of New Jersey. Many of Michael’s clients have developed a personal relationship with him enjoying his laughter and professionalism.

Over the years Michael grew a new passion and that was growing grass green. Little did he know it was not about just applying fertilizer 4 times a year like the major brands promote it. Grass is a science and requires many years of studying. There are many different varieties of grass on the market that need specific nutrients to survive the cold winters and hot summer. This is where he began his adventure. He attended study classes at Rutgers University and became involved in local meetings that discussed the latest products on the market. After speaking with several Doctors at Rutgers University his belief was so strong about organic products. Michael passion is challenging yet loving. Like many people know our earth being treated like a dumping ground for poisonous products, pollution and pesticides. Many commercial lawn care companies it’s all about how cheap the product is and how much profit they can make. Organic law

Service is Key

Service is Key

n solutions was established with a much better approach. Healthy green lawns that are natural and affordable.





I like work it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. - Jerome K. Jerome